Strong yet gentle performance. Moving forward!。 Two types of simple formulations

Conje is a hair-straightening agent born from on-site requests for a product to stretch the hair with added peace of mind.

Straightening agents are mainly divided into quasi-drug series and cosmetics series.
Although it must be used properly depending on the hair tendency and extent of prior damage, a quasi-drug series straightening agent first requires acceptable stretch.
When considering hair stretching, strengthening the agent concentration is the easy way.
But, this is likely going to increase the risk of hair damage.
We need to ask not only for stretch, but also to decrease the burden placed on hair.
Robust straightening strength and strong protection are both important.
We aim to provide such a straightening agent.


You can form your own straight hair style more easily and freely.

This straightening agent realizes ease of use and an unimaginable finished feeling with specifications and component formulations without extra oil or additive agents based on high reduction, high pH, and low-alkali content.


  • 1

    Hair Diagnosis

    Check the condition of hair damage, hair quality etc.

  • 2


    Wash the hair gently so as not to damage the scalp.

  • 3


    This restores the hair condition and provides uniform penetration of the medicinal agent.

  • 4

    Apply reducing agent solution.

    Select and apply the medicinal agent according to the condition of the hair. Roll one or two rods for reduction check.

  • 5

    Time Keeping

    Cover with a cap and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • 6

    Reduction Check

    Remove rods and check curl situation.

  • 7

    Rinse with water mid-way.

    Carefully flush with reducing agent solution and lukewarm water.

  • 8

    Intermediate process

    Supplements the easily lost CMC components and proteins.

  • 9


    The rough standard is approximately 90% dry focusing on the hair roots.

  • 10

    Ironing operation

    Low Damage/160℃~180℃
    Mid-level Damage/140℃~160℃
    High Damage/130℃ or so

  • 11

    Apply oxidizing agent and leave on.

    Apply from root to tip of hair.
    Time: 10 to 15 minutes

  • 12

    Plain rinse

    Carefully flush with oxidizing agent.

  • 13

    After treatment

    Enhanced binding of the hair core, repair of the hair surface, removal of residual odor.

  • 14


PH Active component Alkalinity
Reducing agent solution HP 9.2 Thiosulfate 8% 4.0
Reducing agent solution MP 8.5 Thiosulfate 6.5% 1.0
Oxidizing agent 3.0 Hyperhydration 1.5%

Products Lineup

Conje Straight
Reducing Agent Solution HP

Conje Straight
Reducing Agent Solution MP

Conje Straight
Oxidizing Agent