Haircare product creators motivated
by the perspectives of on-site hairdressers

We want to be a manufacturer, even as a smaller company,
that has a sense of presence created by carefully analyzing what the major hair care producers cannot do and are not doing.
It is important to create essential, original cosmetics supported by on-site hairdressers.

The beginning of product development is chance encounters between beauty salons and parlors throughout the country through Internet communications.
We can convert your “it would be great if there was” notion into a commercial reality.
We can use your suggestion and polish it with your feedback and support of our product-in-the-making.
That’s why Orange Cosme is a user-perspective manufacturer created through the Internet.

Additionally, Orange Cosme is a manufacturer that values theory.
Product creation theory is an important part of what we do,
but we believe theory does not create the market.
Rather it is a tool to be used to gain an understanding from on-site hairdressers.

In particular, permanent hair curling has a long history, and varied research has been carried out,
so that many correct theories have accumulated about permanenting products.
We can say that new developments are created on the basis of correct theory.

What Orange Cosme wants to value is “The Theory of Understanding.”
We will tell you easily and simply about on-site situations such as “How can that be?”,
“the reasons for good and bad results”, and “understanding the situation through to the result”.
Finally, we value theory as a way to arrive at a method for problem solution.

Concerning essential products and the framework,
“If you ask Orange Cosme you will fully understand,”
our Orange Cosme concept is “A reliable company when you are at a loss”.