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Listening with Sincerity ・ Polite Proposals ・ Passionate Performance   Based on these three slogans, we will respond with enthusiasm as an assistant to your business prosperity.


Our basic concept of development is: “Do things that other manufacturers will not do.”
We are not a manufacturer based on development, but are constantly working to develop cosmetics from on-site demand while exchanging direct opinions with test salons.

Even in OEM (original equipment manufacturing), we are making products pursuing originality in small lots with a low price, while flexibly proposing possible directions, after fully inquiring about your requests.

We always try to respond to direct comments and requests as soon as possible as a manufacturer close to those on-site, so please let us know your opinions.


Orange Cosme, Ltd.


Company Overview

Company Name Orange Cosme, Ltd.
Address 7-55 Himebara 3-Chome, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, 791-8012
Phone/Fax Phone/089-924-4100 Fax/089-924-4711
Founded April 1, 2005
Business Content Production・Distribution of Cosmetics ・Quasi-drugs and Planning Proposal of OEM Cosmetics