A new approach that simultaneously considers damage control and hair style design

The Wonder series is the system for damaged hair, based mainly on liquid and cream type medicinal solutions. “Basically, treatment can be done with medicinal solution. Treatment agents are for use when medicinal solutions don’t work.” Using this line of thought, we pursued how much curling can be done on damaged hair without a treating agent, how far hair can be finished into straight hair that is convincing, and thus, raised the potential of chemical solution to the utmost. “Medicinal solutions enhance technology, and treatment agents assist medicinal solutions.”
As a result, the Wonder series’ medicinal solution and treatment agent exist to aid technique.
It is a new user-friendly system born from actual salon work.

Through mixing we can create all kinds of permanents.

Wonder Curl and Wonder Cream are treatments that intensify the texture of the hair by combining a reducing agent and an oxidizing agent.
In addition to general usage such as curling and straightening, you can respond to varied hair quality and technical processes, creating a shape from liquid and cream type as they can be freely mixed and adjusted to accommodate viscosity, strength and weakness.
Based on the idea of damage control through medicinal solution, as a result of development based on producing no damage, it is now possible to respond to most kinds of hair damage by combining 4 curl/stretch medicinal solutions of pH = 7.2 and pH = 9.2.
Due to the ease of calculation when performing various hair quality and treatment procedures, response to a wide range of technical processes in salon work is possible with these 4 types of medicinal solution. Because the range of use is wide, it is possible to drastically reduce the stock burden of the salon.

Both strength and operability are flexible.
Extend the design possibilities

●Vertical axis mix (power control)
Adjusting the strength of the medicinal solution by mixing 9.2 and 7.2, it is possible to create curl and to straighten at high levels of performance.
●Horizontal line (viscosity control)
An arbitrary viscosity with micro-viscosity and high operability can be created by mixing liquid and cream types.
●Cross axis mix (power control and viscosity control)
By controlling the strength and viscosity of the medicinal solution, a high-quality finished style with good conditioning can be attained.

※For basic use, curl with the liquid type, and for straightening perms and digital perms treat with the cream type.
The conditioning effect can be improved by adding the cream type to the liquid type when curling.

(Please refer to the detailed Mix Table in Orange file 02.)

Wind in a spiral using 15 mm rods, and leave the treatment on naturally for 10 minutes.

Using Wonder Curl 7.2 and Wonder Curl 9.2, a uniform wave to hair with different levels of damage can be applied. For damage level 2, use Wonder Curl 9.2 only. For damage level 4, use Wonder Curl 7.2 only.
For intermediate damage level 3, mix an intermediate medicinal solution using the above medicinal solutions. As in the photograph, by mixing the two chemicals according to the amount of damage, it is possible to adjust the solution strength sensuously.
In the same way, Wonder Cream can achieve ideal straight hair by adjusting it according to the damage level.

A product lineup made by maximizing on-site hairdressers’ input

●Wonder curl 9.2 A / Wonder curl 7.2 A / Wonder curl 2A
Solution 1 is a low odor formula cationic lotion prescribed with cysteamine as a base, thioglycolic acid and acetylcysteine (or cysteine) and sulfite combined with arginine etc. for adjusting the pH. Combining ceramide component and amodimethicone makes the curling agent easy to control and easy to use for damage control. With further mixing, it can respond to changes in damage level.
Solution 2 is a weakly acidic lotion with pH = 5.8 based on sodium bromate.
Emphasis is placed on feel and fixity, and two agents of deodorant formulation with geranium added prevent residual odor.
●Wonder Curl 9.2 A / Wonder Curl 7.2 A / Wonder Curl 2A
Solution 1 is a low odor formulation cationic reactive cream with cysteamine as a base, thioglycolic acid, acetyl cysteine (or cysteine) and sulfite mixed together, and pH adjusted with arginine. Medicinal solutions used for straightening, which causes relatively severe damage, should have a highly restorative effect that can be applied to the strengthening of extension and roughness.
By reacting the repair components adsorbed by the reducing agent (1) with the oxidizing liquid solution (2), a supple feeling unlike any ever felt before is achieved.
By using penetration enhancement without relying solely on the strength of the reducing agent or alkali, hair damage is minimized, providing satisfactory growth.
By mixing, you can deal with changes in damage level. The oxidizing liquid solution (2) is a mild acidity reactive cream with pH = 6.3, based on sodium bromate as the main agent.
By reacting with restorative ingredients remaining in the hair after using reducing liquid solution (1), it provides an excellent treatment effect.
Also, the oxidizing agent (2) is a deodorant formulation with germanium added that prevents residual odor.

【Wonder Medicinal Solution】

The reducing liquid agent (1) is a cationic adjusted pH lotion and cream with a cysteamine base, blended with a balance of thioglycolic acid, sulfite, and cysteine.
The oxidizing liquid agent (2) is a weakly reactive type agent emphasizing feel and fixity, mainly based on bromate, and it is this liquid blended with germanium that suppresses residual odor.

9.2A 7.2A
Thiol conversion meter
4.45% 3.40%
9.2 7.2
4 0.5
W efficiency
45% 35%
9.2A 7.2A
Thiol conversion meter
4.16% 3.11%
9.2 7.2
4 0.5
Curl Cream
Main components
Sodium hypobromite
5.8 6.3

Products lineup