The best hair care
to solve your distinctive hair troubles.
Debut! New Ceno.

The rebirth of your hair, beginning today.

People change their minds every day.
Feelings change with the changes in weather, daily life, and unexpected excitement.
Mind and body are constantly changing. The same applies to hair.
Ceno wants to be the hair care that keeps changing, gently watching over you to keep you shining.
Feel more changes with the new Ceno.
Become more beautiful tomorrow than you were yesterday.

The new Ceno leading to original beauty
Two types of shampoo of the new Ceno

Hair texture and softness vary for each individual,
and visibly damaged hair also changes from time to time. You will find that the new Ceno keeps your hair healthy
by solving various scalp problems and
dealing with varying individual hair troubles.
Every time you use Ceno,
hair that has become limp or has lost texture
due to perms or hair coloring is thoroughly bathed
in moisture starting at the roots.

  • Hematin shampoo

    [Hematin shampoo]Bringing original beauty from the inside.

    This shampoo contains the industry’s highest level of concentration of the hair repair component Hematin. Highly functional shampoo that gives hair elasticity and normalizes the scalp. It promotes circulation and has a moisturizing effect. In addition to the natural extracts, polyglutamic acid, enhances hair’s water-retaining capacity from the inside to repair damage. Pellicer resolves the troubles of scalp and hair. It restores elasticity and firmness to hair that has become thin due to perms and hair coloring.

    Features of the components

    Hematin binds to proteins inside the hair, strengthens, and repairs the hair. The higher the concentration the better you can realize its effects; the retention of perms and hair color and an increase in hair strength.
    The functional component penetrates the hair in a short time and repairs the damage. Even when shampooed there is no loss, and the moisture retaining ability equivalent to that of hyaluronic acid and the barrier recovery function of ceramide can adjust the scalp environment.
    • Swertia japonica extract
      Swertia japonica extract
    • Red rice extract
      Red rice extract
    • Seaweed extract
      Seaweed extract
    • Brown alga extract
      Brown alga extract
  • PROTEO Shampoo

    [PROTEO Shampoo]Appropriate moisture for damaged hair

    This high-performance shampoo enhances damaged and aging hair with the combination of polyglutamic acid and oil keratin in high concentration. Red rice extract, whey protein and maturing placental extract solves hair and scalp troubles and maintains a healthy condition. This shampoo restores elasticity and firmness to thinning hair caused by perms and hair coloring.

    Features of the components

    Polyglutamic acid
    This component has a greater moisturizing effect than hyaluronic acid and is used in dry skin and aging care cosmetics as well. It enhances moisturizing functions from within hair and skin and improves hair condition.
    Red rice extract
    This component has a moisturizing effect, making the skin and hair feel flexible and moist.
    Oil keratin
    Supplying protein and fatty acid at the same time repairs damaged hair. The water-retaining capacity is enhanced, and hair recovers its strength. Cuticle peeling is suppressed, and hair becomes tame and moist.
    • Hypericum perforatum extract
      Hypericum perforatum extract
    • Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract
      Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract
    • Chamomile flower extract
      Chamomile flower extract
    • Cornflower Extract
      Cornflower Extract

What you need now for each type of hair.
Three types of treatment.

The necessary components are combined
in each treatment for repairing damaged hair.
These treatments include high moisturizing components to penetrate,
necessary components to repair from inside,
and provide multiple beauty effects that last. These treatments adjust the feeling of elasticity
and absorption to the best balance according to the level of damage.

  • Repair Treatment DR

    [Repair Treatment DR]This treatment gives your hair the smoothness you want.

    The combination of hematin shampoo and proteo shampoo, stimulates repair of highly damaged hair. It supplies abundant ingredients essential for hair repair and makes it moist and smooth from its very core and is a highly functional repair treatment which restores the natural elasticity of hair.

    Features of the components

    Honey based component, cationized hyaluronic acid, higher alkyl cationized polymeric keratin polymeric, Argan oil

  • Repair Treatment CR

    [Repair Treatment CR]Moisturized, smooth and silky hair continues every day.

    This treatment repairs chemical damage due to perms or hair coloring, daily damage such as ultraviolet rays and arranges the cuticle to make hair smooth enough for finger combing. Moisturizing and repair components reach the damaged areas, and repair effectively while providing the best moisturizing balance.

    Features of the components

    Maturing Placental extract, red rice extract, whey protein, adsorptive C18 keratin

  • Repair Treatment SR

    [Repair Treatment SR]Fragrance and Paraben free.To obtain a good finish for all types of skin

    Skin treatment based on the natural based activator. In combination with plant-derived ceramide and oil-soluble licorice extract, this treatment adjusts for a normal scalp and skin condition and maintains cleanliness. This non-silicone treatment can used not only for hair but also for the whole body.

    Features of the components

    PCA ethyl eocoyl erginate, lauroyl glutamic acid di (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl), oil-soluble licorice extract, jojoba seed oil

The best hair care to solve your distinctive hair troubles.
Six combinations.

  1. 1

    For those who want to repair damage fully
    and finish with moist hair.

    Hematic Shampoo + Repair Treatment DR

    Hematin shampoo solves scalp troubles while giving elasticity to hair. Moreover, Repair Treatment DR combined with high polymer keratin for damaged hair, supplies abundant repair components to hair that has suffered repeated chemical damage.

    • Elasticity and firmness
    • High damage repair
    • Moist
  2. 2

    For those who want a finish with smooth
    and silky hair while recovering elasticity.

    Hematin shampoo+ Repair Treatment CR

    Repair treatment CR with moisturizing and healing ingredients repairs chemical damage from perms and hair coloring and daily damage such as ultraviolet rays. It gently lightens and smooths the hair, lending it to finger combing.

    • Elasticity and firmness
    • Damage repair
    • Smooth and silky
  3. 3

    For those who want to establish the scalp’s condition
    while supplying elasticity and firmness to the hair.

    Hematin shampoo+ Repair Treatment SR

    Hematin shampoo eliminates scalp problems while giving hair elasticity. In addition, Repair Treatment SR containing plant ceramide and oil soluble licorice extract based on natural-origin active agents with bactericidal action. By using this on the scalp, the condition of the scalp and skin maintain normal conditions and cleanliness.

    • Elasticity and firmness
    • Scalp troubles
  4. 4

    For those who want soft texture
    and manageable hair.

    PROTEO shampoo+ Repair Treatment DR

    PROTEO Shampoo returns damaged hair and scalp troubles to moisturized hair. This shampoo changes rough hair to healthy and soft hair. Finishing with a repair treatment having natural-origin components and bactericidal action can banish annoying scalp and skin troubles.

    • Manageability
    • Scalp troubles
  5. 5

    For those who want soft
    and silky texture.

    PROTEO shampoo+ Repair Treatment CR

    PROTEO Shampoo solves damaged hair and scalp troubles to create moist hair. The repair treatment CR with added moisturizing and repair components reverses chemical damage due to perms and hair coloring, and daily damage such as ultra-violet rays, and eventually leads to hair that can be finger combed.

    • Manageability
    • Damage repair
    • Smooth and silky
  6. 6

    For those who want to reduce scalp stress
    while keeping manageable hair.

    PROTEO shampoo+ Repair Treatment CR

    PROTEO Shampoo solves damaged hair and scalp troubles while moisturizing hair. This shampoo returns rough hair to healthy, soft hair. Finishing with a repair treatment that has natural-origin components and bactericidal action can restore annoying scalp and skin troubles to normal.

    • Manageability
    • Scalp troubles

Correctly washing your hair is important as well.


    Products to use: Hematin Shampoo/PROTEO Shampoo

    1. process01
      Rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water after brushing lightly. Put shampoo in the palm of your hand and dissolve it in a small amount of water, spread it evenly over the hair and scalp, and then work up a lather.
    2. process02
      Lathering thoroughly and using the pads of your fingers as if to cover your head with your hands, wash your whole head while massaging as if to move the scalp.
    3. process03
      Rinse thoroughly with plenty of hot water after washing. Specifically, rinse thoroughly around the ears and neckline which are difficult to rinse.

    Products to use: Repair Treatment DR/Repair Treatment CR

    1. process01
      Put the treatment in the palm of your hand after towel-drying your hair, rub both hands together, and then gently apply the treatment to the ends of your hair.
    2. process02
      After application to the ends of the hair, work the remaining treatment into the scalp.
    3. process03
      Rinse thoroughly until the slippery feeling of your hands disappears. Rinse thoroughly to prevent scalp troubles.

    Products to use: Repair Treatment SR

    1. process01
      Spread your fingers evenly and put the fingers of both hands along the hairline. Using the pads of your fingers, massage from the hairline to the neckline while lightly pressing the scalp.
    2. process02
      Place your fingers and palms of both hands to cover the scalp. Massage in a circular motion and around the crown of the head to keep the scalp flexible.
    3. process03
      Rinse away the scalp treatment thoroughly. Then, rinse thoroughly once again after applying hair treatment.


Product Lineup


  • Ceno
    Hematin Shampoo
    350ml / 2,850 JPY (Before tax)
  • Ceno
    PROTEO Shampoo
    350ml / 2,850 JPY (Before tax)


  • Ceno
    Repair Treatment DR
    200g / 2,350 JPY (Before tax)
  • Ceno
    Repair Treatment CR
    200g / 2,350 JPY (Before tax)
  • Ceno
    Repair Treatment SR
    200g / 2,850 JPY (Before tax)