Please concentrate on caring for hair.

CUREAPPLI is an intensive care treatment based on the processing agent used in the salons but, can be used easily at home by anyone.
Using it several times a week allows you to repair not only the surface of the hair, but also deep inside as well.
Also using it in conjunction with daily care can make the beautiful condition of your hair last.

Daily care + intensive care creates ideal hair.

Some think that repairing damaged hair with treatment is done by simply suppressing and slowing the damage progress, which leaves the customer unsatisfied with the final results.
On the contrary, proper treatment applied to moderately damaged hair will create confidence in customers because of the desired results.
Intensive care is not only for home use, but also a treatment that adds to the arsenal of the hairdresser to demonstrate their skills to their fullest.

●Daily care is hair care for maintaining a comfortable daily hair condition.
●Intensive care is hair care that fundamentally improves hair damage. (hair making)

Simply repeating only daily care up and down does not serve to improve the overall condition of hair and is only a temporary fix.

Likewise simply using intensive care only will create a beautiful hair condition for the time being, but that condition will slowly deteriorate.

Together intensive care fundamentally improves the condition of hair by repairing damage and daily care helps make the improvements last; keeping hair looking beautiful and healthy.

Creating a foundation for elasticity.

Penetrates damaged hair with seaweed extract components such as a pellicer and the hair repair components and makes a base for giving stretch and flexibilty.
This process at a salon is treatment to sustain the effect.
Penetrating damaged hair with components such as seaweed extract and pellicer along with other hair repair components helps create a foundation that leads to flexible hair. This process of treatment at salons is carried out to sustain these positive effects.

【 Contents 】

Seaweed extract component (re-active anion), Gemini-type amphipathic component
『non-silicon and oil free』

Reacts to Infill base and maintains original beauty

A treatment with plenty of components for repairing hair both internally and externally.
It reacts with the base made with Infill to fully penetrate hair with repairing agents that help restore original gloss and texture lost through color treatments and perms.

【 Contents 】

CMC component, hair components

Repair process

  • Infill penetrates the hair, spreads to the damaged areas, and becomes the base for recovery.

  • The cation component of the primary treatment and Infill react to make a complex combination that fully repairs hair.

  • The hydrophobizing component of the prime treatment turns the hair surface hydrophobic so that the treatment can remain rooted in the hair.

Infill is a treatment agent that creates a repair component combination in hair.
The combination is left by reacting with the cation quickly penetrating the hair and by combining the double formulation of Gemini-type amphipathic component with the low molecular weight alginic acidic Na.

Just penetrating the hair with Infill before typical processes strengthens hair internally.
seaweed extract component (re-active anion), Gemini-type amphipathic component (double treatment)
pH Volume
7.5 100ml

A treatment with plenty of components for repairing hair internally and externally. The inside is filled with repair components thoroughly by reacting with the base made with Infill.

It helps hair regain inherent shine and texture lost through coloring and perms.
CMC component, hair structure component
pH Volume
5.5 180g

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