The world’s fastest charge – 2 seconds
For the era of damage level 0 which every professional seeks

Everything about it is revolutionary.

●The patented rounded plate creates 0 heat damage.
A 150℃ charge in 2 seconds from switching on!
With the high-performance IC and advanced technology installed in MRG-SP, we created the world’s fastest rising “instantaneous high temperature charge”.
It is a revolutionary speed that traditional hair irons do not have, a huge step forward in pursuing no damage to the hair.
●“High temperature retaining power” and a 1 second restoration time for temperature error.
Protects hair from heat damage with “high temperature retaining power”!
The performance of “instantaneous high temperature charge” creates “the extraordinary high temperature retaining power”.
High temperature retaining power means any temperature error during ironing is restored in just 1 second (in the range of 100 to 130 ° C).
This performance makes it possible to sustain the set temperature of the iron.
With no temperature blur, the heated steam (latent heat) inside the hair instantly vaporizes to the outside, protecting the hair from high temperatures.
●Not merely straight! This hair iron can handle the nuance of straight.
The flexible nuance of straight style expression is made possible by R’s shape!
When making perm expressions, there is a need to restore the S – S bonds, and the shape of the hair iron should be round.
An instant dry is needed (with a digital perm).
For that reason, it is very important to determine the direction of proteins using the heat of the iron, and to remove moisture and latent heat.
The MRG-SP’s concave R plate makes this possible.
Only this hair iron makes a variety of nuances possible.

Fine ceramic plate
(Adoption as the World’s Top Brand)

Employs fine ceramics with high thermal conductivity
Moreover, it has multiple coatings of materials that will not harm the hair.

High-performance IC mounted and Micro-controlled

With its installed high-performance IC, it detects and controls a mere 0.5 ℃ temperature change.
This makes possible the “instantaneous high temperature charge” and “high temperature sustaining power”.

360-degree rotating cord

Considering it to be for exclusive use by professional hair dressers, we conducted harsh friction tests and long-term use tests.
We adopted a 360-degree rotating cord of the best quality.
A professional 3-meter length is also standard.

For professionals particular about temperature

Because delicate temperature adjustment cannot be performed with AC100~240V, this iron is dedicated for Japan domestic use with AC 100 V which will not cause temperature variation for professionals particular about temperatures of only 1 or 2 ° C difference.

Opinions expressed by salon professionals

●It takes a little practice…
But, if you put the iron at the root of resistant, stubborn hairs, and take a thin slice and align the angle of the iron with the round of the lower plate it works best.
Also, by using MRG – SP, your repertoire of development and design expands. In a normal curly hair straightening list of options, we propose a natural finish and nuance representation.
●The progression of acidic correction has improved!
It is easier to handle the hair at the back of the head than with conventional irons because its narrower.
Also, it’s good that the steam escapes from the groove attached to the plate, as it makes it easy to handle the iron at the hair root.
It‘s easy to apply tension, and the progression of acidic correction is also improved because the plate has a rounded plate.
〈Tochigi: K〉
●The iron shape is great!
The cord doesn’t get twisted and it is long, so it meets professional specifications because it rotates 360 degrees!
Its rounded thickness is easy to grasp, so it’s easy to use.
〈Hyogo: M〉
●I can express a natural finished hairstyle!
I can express a natural finished hairstyle because the plate has a rounded plate, and rounds are easier to attach than with traditional irons.
〈Hokkaido: M〉
●Our customers are impressed!
After finishing, when guests touch their hair, although it looks glossy, they are impressed by the moist feeling at the tip of the hair. We are getting finished sooner than with old irons and our customers are really pleased.
〈Ehime: K〉